NBA Arena Rankings


In addition to reviewing every home team in the NBA we will also be providing in depth NBA arena rankings. As we make a new podcast and blog post, we will add that arena or stadium to our overall rankings below.

Criteria on our NBA Arena Rankings

  • Location – Where is the arena located? Is it in cool/hip/party area? Is the stadium relatively easy to get to? If there wasn’t a stadium there, would you want to hang out in that neighborhood? We’re not comparing the merits of city vs city but rather the arena’s neighborhood. Although we will consider favorable weather during the NBA season as a plus to the location.
  • Amenities – Everyone needs to eat (or drink) something while attending an NBA game. Does that arena have any unique food options? Does the food reflect the culture and uniqueness of the city. What other activities does the stadium provide for fans? We will consider cool things like shops, play areas, trophy cases, etc.
  • Fan Experience – You go to an NBA game for more than just the basketball on the court. What does the arena do for its fans? How is their mascot? Do they have cool giveaways, or promotional items. What are your chances of snagging a free t-shirt? Does the starting line-up introductions excite the fans? Will the half-time entertainment make you want to stay in your seats or will you go and just grab a beer instead?
  • Aesthetics – How does the arena look? Is it easy to navigate? If you sit in the cheap seats will there be any issues?

What aren’t we ranking?

Lots of NBA stadium reviews that you find online include the performance of the team as part of the evaluation. While we agree watching a better team or game would enhance your experience of visiting an arena, we don’t think that should play a part in judging the actual building itself. In addition, we won’t be considering “atmosphere” into our criteria as that’s largely determined by the fans themselves. Yes a ruckus crowd is fun but those types of crowds typically only show up for well performing teams. There are many great arenas where simply fans don’t show up.

David’s NBA Arena Rankings

ArenaHome TeamLocationAmentitiesFan
AestheticsOverall Score
Staples CenterLos Angeles Lakers10910938
United CenterChicago Bulls4910831
Staples CenterLos Angeles Clippers1095630
Madison Square GardenNew York Knicks968629
BMO Harris Bradley CenterMilwaukee Bucks768122

Sherief’s NBA Arena Rankings

ArenaHome TeamLocationAmentitiesFan
AestheticsOverall Score
Madison Square GardenNew York Knicks1088834
Staples CenterLos Angeles Lakers788932
United CenterChicago Bulls589931
BMO Harris Bradley CenterMilwaukee Bucks669526