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The Authors of the NBA Arena Tour:

David Ayento

David is one author of the NBA Arena Tour

David is one author of the NBA Arena Tour. He has been a die-hard San Antonio Spurs fan since the 1993-94 season. Born and raised in¬†Chicago he has an affinity for Chicago Bulls basketball. An alumnus of the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, he was fortunate to witness the greatest squad in the school’s history…the 2005 Final Four team.

David also has a MBA from the University of North Carolina (he won’t recognize that school’s 2005 Championship). In addition to this project, David also is host for the Stable 86 Podcast and the IWF Professional Wrestling Podcast. Along with Sherief, he is a Brother of Sigma Lambda Beta where he serves on the Executive Board of Directors.

To see all of the arenas (NBA and other leagues) that David has visited, check out his Sports Passport page.

Sherief Elabbady

Sherief is unfortunate enough to be a life-long Minnesota Timberwolves fan. He grew up watching Kevin Garnett and has stuck by the Wolves’ side through multiple rebuilds and a record-setting playoff drought. Sherief has been a basketball-junkie from a young age. He decided to go on the journey of visiting every NBA arena after he began traveling on a weekly basis for work. That work lifestyle has ended but the desire to visit every NBA arena has not.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Sherief has an undergraduate degree and (soon-to-be) an MBA from the school of scandal, the University of Minnesota. Sherief runs the Timber Rebuilder blog, which is a blog for loyal Wolves fans. Like David, Sherief is a brother of Sigma Lambda Beta.